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Push Up Challenge Workout Featuring Funk Roberts

When it comes to push-ups and bodyweight workouts Funk Roberts is the man. Here is a video from his youtube channel with and advanced push-up challenge workout.

Again, this is an advanced push-up routine so beginners pace yourself. Take this Funk Roberts push-up workout challenge and let us know how you do.

How to Do A Push-up correctly: Best Tutorial EVER! by Peter Carvell

Hey Gang,
He is a great video created Peter Carvell of Six Pack Factory. Peter has a very popular website and Youtube channel that you can visit here.

Check out Peter’s video here and let us know what you think.

Keep Pushing!

How to Do 50 Perfect Pushups (From Men’s Health Online)

Here is a great article that we found on Men’s Health Online website from Rob MacDonald on “How to Do 50 Perfect Push-Ups”

For the average guy, it’s critical to carry your own engine.

By that, I mean that you should strive to be strong relative to your size.

A good test of your engine is seeing how many consecutive pushups you can do in a row. I work with some of the fittest people in the world, and I think that 50 consecutive perfect pushups is the standard to shoot for—it shows me you can carry your engine.

Most people think that with just a bit of training they’ll be able to nail that goal.

How to Do 50 Perfect Pushups

How to Do 50 Perfect Pushups

My response is, “Great, now show me your pushup.” Nearly every single time, the person’s pushup isn’t up to the standard we maintain at Gym Jones, the Salt Lake City based gym where I’m the Training Director.

There are two kinds of pushups: Perfect pushups and everything else. Here at Gym Jones, our standard is the former. We define a perfect pushup as maintaining a plank as you lower yourself until your chest touches the ground, then pushing back up and locking out your arms to pause for 1-second at the top. (Check out the 10 Secrets to the Perfect Pushup.)

There’s a good reason we have that standard: Better payoff. Perfect pushups strengthen your entire body to a greater degree, transfer over to more activities, and are also safer on your joints.

They’re also more difficult.

That’s why a far better goal than doing even 100 “everything else” pushups is to shoot for 50 perfect pushups. A person who can do 50 perfect pushups is truly strong and fit—far more so than a person who can do 100 terrible-form “everything else” pushups.

Follow these rules to crank out 50 real ones in a row.

Read the rest of the article at Men’s Health Online

About Rob MacDonald:
Rob MacDonald is the Training Director of Gym Jones, one of the country’s most elite and hardcore gyms, located in Salt Lake City. He’s broken multiple power-endurance world records. He enjoys exercise induced suffering and burgers.

Pushup Variations For The Beginner

There are many different types of pushups that beginners can perform to improve your strength, endurance & fitness.

Remember that any pushup done in any variation works chest, shoulders, triceps, legs and core. Switching & changing up your pushup variations will also give you a challenge and help keep your fitness routine fresh. I know that I need to change things up to keep things from getting stale.

By shifting your hand and body position changes the affects of which muscles receive more of the effect and results.
You can also use pushup modifications to assist your ability. This can make a simple pushup harder or easier to perform.

So below we are going to give you some various different types of pushups to perform.
We are going to start out simple and go from there. Try each variation out and let us know your progress.

Remember to stick with the basics first. If you are a true beginner and struggle stick with knee pushups and build your strength.
Once you have mastered the knee pushups move on to the standard pushup.

Start slow and as you get stronger, you’ll be able to take on the challenging variations.

Wall/Bench Pushups
Wall or bench pushups are what I would consider the easiest type of pushup to perform. A true beginning step to getting YOUR PUSHUP ON!

You perform a bench or wall pushup by placing both hands on a bench or wall. Remember, the higher the bench the easier the motion.
You can even vary the wall pushup with a wide or narrow stance.


To perform the wall pushup lean and put both hands on the wall.
Lower your chest toward the bench or wall, then straighten your arms to return to the starting position.

Knee Pushups
If you aren’t quite ready to do standard pushups and the wall pushups have become too easy then knee pushups are the next step.
Knee pushups aren’t complicated at all. They are just pushups on your knees.


Get down in a regular pushup position and rest both knees on the floor. Remember to keep your body straight as you lower and raise yourself during the movement.

Full/Standard Pushups
The basic pushup position is face down, weight on the palms of your hands and the balls of your feet.
Your body should stay straight from head to heels as you lower your chest toward the floor, then straighten your arms to press back up to the starting position.
During a standard pushup, your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart.


Wide Pushups
One of the first variations that people of the standard pushup is the wide pushup.
The form is simple, place your hands further apart than the normal pushup position. This redirect the benefit of the pushup and works more your outer pectoral muscles.

If you are new this modification will come a little later.

Narrow Pushups
Much like the wide pushups you perform the narrow pushup variation by moving your arms in tighter to your body hands just about directly under your shoulders.


That’s it. We have taken you from getting started with wall or knee pushups to making a few simple variations on the standard pushup. Keep at and you will see great improvement and strength gains. Now remember to achieve overall health and fitness you need to ad a few other exercises in to your routine and follow a good nutritional program.

In the future will be posting up an article or two of next level and advanced pushups. Until next time;