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Push Up Challenge Workout Featuring Funk Roberts

When it comes to push-ups and bodyweight workouts Funk Roberts is the man. Here is a video from his youtube channel with and advanced push-up challenge workout.

Again, this is an advanced push-up routine so beginners pace yourself. Take this Funk Roberts push-up workout challenge and let us know how you do.

How to Do A Push-up correctly: Best Tutorial EVER! by Peter Carvell

Hey Gang,
He is a great video created Peter Carvell of Six Pack Factory. Peter has a very popular website and Youtube channel that you can visit here.

Check out Peter’s video here and let us know what you think.

Keep Pushing!

Push Up Tutorial: How to Build Up Strength For Beginners

Here is a good push up for beginners how to from YouTube.


What Are The Benefits Of Doing Push-Ups?

One of the reasons that we started this website is our love of the push-up. Push-ups are a great exercise with a lot of benefits. First you can do push-ups any where, any time, any place and with no special equipment. I always think of my days in the Army when I would “DROP AND GIVE ME 20

One of the base exercises that the Military has used for years & years is the push-up. Why? Because it WORKS!


There are also many different types of push-ups that you can to help increase your strength and endurance.

Many people think that push-ups are just an exercise for the chest but push-ups can be considered a full body workout. Push-ups not only benefit the chest but also work the triceps, shoulders, upper & lower back, core, legs and can even have a cardio benefit. We will actually be posting a CARDIO PUSH-UP routine in the future.

Since performing push-ups are a resistance/strength movement performing them can help with improving bone density. Push-ups increase the heart rate, which in turn increase metabolism and burns many calories.

Anyone can do them. It doesn’t matter if you are 12 or 72, you can do push-ups.


As I said earlier push-ups can be performed in many positions and just about anywhere.

Another benefit of push-up is muscle growth. Yes it is possible to build/grow and maintain muscle by doing push-ups.

Doing push-ups cans be motivating. That’s right as you improve and do more push-ups you will be motivated to keep up and keep improving with them.

The best overall benefit of push-up is that they are FREE!  Don’t you need to buy anything to do push-ups.


So there is just a few benefits to performing push-ups. Now don’t worry if you are still intimidated and can’t do many we are going to help you. Stick with us here at The Push-Up Challenge and we will help you reach your push-up goal.


Welcome to The Push-Up Challenge Website.

Welcome to The Push-Up Challenge.

We are a website put together by a few fitness enthusiast who want to help people with one of the most basic exercises that also seems to be one of the most difficult too.

How many push-ups can you do? 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, what about 0?

That’s right there are many people out there who can’t do 1 good push-up. Well we want to help you that. Heck we want to help you be able to do 50 or 100 push-ups. We know that you can do it. It will take dedication and effort but we will help you improve your push-up power and your over all fitness.

Here at The Push-Up Challenge our goal is to help you reach your goal. Wether you are trying to reach 25, 50 or 100 push-ups we want to help you get there. Don’t think that you can? Well we are going to help you change that mindset.


It doesn’t matter if you are trying to just 1 proper push-up and 100 push-ups. YOU CAN do this.

We will be posting videos and articles from ourselves as well as friends who are also on The Push-Up Challenge journey. Let’s do this together. Let’s improve our PUSH-UP POWER!

We’re glad that you stopped by the site and hope that you keep coming back for tips & workouts.

Our motto at The Push-Up Challenge is: