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5 Minutes Push-up Challenge Workout

22KILL Pushup Challenge

The 22KILL Pushup Challenge, was an activity involving pressing out twenty-two pushups to promote awareness for veteran suicide prevention along with honoring military service members and veterans.


The viral awareness campaign gained traction and started to garner Hollywood celebrity support and participation in August 2016. Social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook news feeds began to be inundated with video posts of celebrities doing their 22 pushups and then challenging other celebrities, pro athletes, politicians, etc.

Even Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and others have posted videos of themselves completing the 22 pushups.

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Push Up Tutorial: How to Build Up Strength For Beginners

Here is a good push up for beginners how to from YouTube.


How to do a pushup for beginners.

Here is a great video demonstrating how to do a pushup for beginners.

You will see in the video that you are shown how to both a knee pushup and a standard pushup.

Watch, follow along & practice and soon you will be doing 25 pushups or more.

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